4 Tips To Help Beautify And Sell Your Home In The Winter

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If you're selling your home during winter months, it can be hard to show it off to its best advantage. Spring can mean lots of color and beautiful plants in bloom, but during winter months, things can look pretty barren in most climates. There's good incentive for listing your home in the winter, however. On average, homes sell more quickly and closer to the listing price in winter than in other months.

These tips can help your home stand out in colder months:

1. Have tasteful holiday décor

If it's near the holidays, tasteful décor can work to your advantage. Understated and elegant is the look to strive for, not Clark Griswold's home in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Your inflatable collection may be a hit with the neighborhood kids, but it may not be to every buyer's taste. Plus, prospective buyers may be distracted by them and remember your decorations more than your home.

Clear holiday lights and natural greenery can enhance your home's appearance without overwhelming a potential buyer. These elements can make your home look warm and inviting, and if you're using greenery inside or in a wreath at the door, your home will have a pleasant smell.

2. Add some color outside

A pop of color on your shutters or door can be just the thing to bring visual interest to the exterior of your home. The cost is relatively low compared to the impact it can have.

Some flowering plants, like camellias, put on a beautiful show even in winter. Try them in pots if you didn't plant in advance. Even greenery like potted evergreens can add a touch of life to your porch or railing during the winter.

3. Utilize landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can add a warm glow to the exterior of your home, especially in the winter.

If your prospective buyer is coming to view your home, it may be after dark, since the sun sets earlier in the winter. Light will add beauty and help ensure that they won't trip as they go down your walkway or up the stairs to your front door.

4. Keep it warm and cozy

Keep the interior of your home warm for prospective buyers so they feel cozy when they're inside your house. Otherwise, they may feel uncomfortable and beat a hasty retreat. They may even wonder if your heating system works properly. If you have a fireplace, use it to your advantage, especially during an open house.

Conventional wisdom may tell you to list your home in the spring or summer, but if you can add some light, color, and warmth, winter may be the right time to close the sale.