Save Money By Having A Locksmith Make Your Replacement Car Key

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Today cars offer drivers more features and gadgets to make their driving experience safer and more comfortable. The same is true with keys made for newer car models. These keys include smart keys, switchblade keys, transponder keys, and laser-cut keys. A couple of decades ago, a replacement car key only cost a few dollars, but today's car keys can cost you a lot more! One way to save money is to ask a locksmith to make a replacement car key, instead of getting it directly from the manufacturer. 

Why The Rise In Cost?

New keys have new features, so there is more to making a duplicate than just cutting the grooves specific to your ignition. Knowing a bit about new keys can help you understand why making copies costs more now. 

Today's keys are laser cut. You can easily tell a laser-cut key from a traditional-cut key because of its thicker shank and fewer carved-out grooves. The machinery needed to cut these keys is more expensive than the standard key-cutting machines used at hardware stores. Laser cut keys also have a built-in transponder chip that can only be programmed at the car dealership or by a locksmith. 

If you need a laser-cut key and want to save by having it made by a locksmith, find one who is a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America to make sure he or she is fully qualified to make these newer keys. 

Why Use A Locksmith?

Locksmiths, like ASAP Mobile Locksmiths, have the same equipment as the car dealership, like the key programmer, to make sure the chip fitted in the key is properly programmed. To be sure, you should test your replacement key several times before leaving the locksmith shop, and call the locksmith right away if you have trouble using the key later. If you have trouble unlocking the car door, the cut is most likely not correct. If the car won't start, the key hasn't been programmed properly. 

Can All Newer Keys Be Replaced?

Smart keys allow you to turn the ignition on and off by pushing a button. These keys use a rolling security code, instead grooves cut into a shank. Losing one of these keys can cost you; only the dealer can make a replacement smart key. This is because the system randomizes the right code to prevent thieves from hacking into it using a code grabber. The car's computer recognizes and verifies the code before starting the engine.These key are usually included with newer car models as part of their high-tech package. 

If you have a newer car, check around with different locksmiths and find one that has experience before deciding to skip the dealership to get your duplicate key made. It's always good to save money, but not at the expense of getting a non-working replacement key.