5 Phone Calls Your Property Management Company Will Take For You

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Are you a landlord looking to simplify your life? Are you tired of getting calls from your tenants at all hours of the day? A property management company could be exactly what you need. here are some of the phone calls that your property management company will let you avoid. 

1. "The Refrigerator Just Broke."

General maintenance tasks can be handled by a property management company so that you don't end up having to look at a tenant's refrigerator on the weekend. Most property management companies, like Applied Property Management, already have people that they can call to make these repairs, and they can simply take the cost of these repairs out of the rent collected so that you don't need to pay out of pocket.

2. "My Rent is Going to be Late."

Many landlords find it difficult to get their rent in on time; some tenants just don't respect a landlord. But a property management company often has a collections department that can ensure that rent is paid on time.

3. "I Need to Sublet."

Property management companies operate as the first point of contact for any lease issues and can enforce the legal language of the lease. As a landlord, you might have difficulty with a subletting arrangement, but a property management company can deal with it for you.

4. "I Have a Pest Problem."

In many states, pest control is the responsibility of the landlord--especially if the rental unit is an apartment rather than a home. But no landlord wants to deal with pests on a regular basis, especially if the tenant is causing these issues. A property management company can both deal with pests and ensure that tenants are taking care of the property.

5. "The Electricity Just Went Out."

Sometimes there are issues that simply aren't even your fault--yet many tenants will still call you because you're their first point of contact. A property management company can field these calls so that you aren't woken up in the middle of the night because the neighborhood's power is down.

A good property management company can essentially help you avoid almost every difficulty of being a landlord. All you'll need to do is wait for the money to come in at the end of every month. And most property management companies have a sliding scale of services, so you can select exactly which services you want and still retain the control over your property that you desire.