How Tree Stumps Can Be Removed & Exterminated To Prevent Termite Damage To Your Home

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A termite infestation can quickly deteriorate the wood that is keeping your home stable if you don't get the problem under control. One of the ways that termites can make it to your home is if you have tree stumps in your landscape that were left when trees were cut down and were not exterminated. Below, find out how you can get tree stumps removed and how they can attract termites to your home if you don't.

How Can Tree Stumps be Removed?

Although using a shovel to dig up the ground around the tree stumps to free them can work, it is not ideal. You will need to hire a tree specialist to get the job done for you if you want the stumps removed in a timely manner.  A professional can use a commercial grinding machine to remove the stumps without struggle.

A grinding machine is ideal for stump removal because there are blades on it that will chip away the wood in small bits at a time. Once the tree stump has been grinded down to a certain level, the professional will simply pull it out of the ground. It is important for the entire stump to be removed in case there are termites nearby that are attracted to wood.

How Can Tree Stumps Attract Termites to a Home if Not Removed?

Once termites infest the tree stumps, all they have to do is traveling across your lawn and make it inside of your house. The pests can get inside of the walls without you even knowing about it. The worst thing about having termites is that they can consume wood 24 hours a day, which can make your home unstable.

If you don't intend on getting the tree stumps removed, make sure an exterminator is hired to treat them for termite prevention. An exterminator can actually treat tree stumps before and after removal to keep your home safe. Using bleach on the tree stumps is another way to keep termites away, at least until an exterminator can treat the wood professionally. It should not take long for the extermination process to complete because the stumps will likely be sprayed.

Don't risk your home getting destroyed from a termite infestation. Hire a professional to get rid of the stumps for you. The most important thing you can do is hire an exterminator to prevent termites in the first place. To learn more, contact a company like Go Evergreen Pest & Termite with any questions you have.