Packing Tips To Help Keep Your Items Safe And Organized

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If you are getting ready to move from one home to a new one, you will need to pack all of you belongings so they are safe when riding in the moving truck to their new location. There are ways that you can organize your items, as well, so they will be easily found when you unload them from the truck. Here are some tips you can use when packing up your belongings, aiding you in being able to find your things in one piece when they arrive.


When packing up furniture, take apart any larger pieces to be reassembled after it arrives at your new home. This will save you a lot of space in the moving truck that may be needed for other items. Wrap the pieces in heavy-duty plastic or in tarps to keep them from getting moist or scratched. Place any smaller hardware pieces inside plastic sandwich bags to be taped to the furniture so it is all together in one place. Label the hardware with which piece of furniture it belongs in case it becomes unattached during the move.

Delicate Items

Any breakables should be packed with care by wrapping them in bubble wrap before placing into plastic storage tubs. Using cardboard boxes is not recommended for breakables as they can easily become crushed if something accidentally fell on them in the moving truck. Give items an extra layer of protection by wrapping them in towels after bubble-wrapping.


When packing your items, you will want to place labels on all of the storage bins and boxes so you know what the contents are when unpacking from the truck. This will help you know where to bring the container within your new home, as well.

One way to label your containers would be to color-code them by room. You can use different colored index cards to write your labels upon and stick them on the container. Keep a list handy with the items that are within each container so it can be easily found when unpacking.

Pack An Emergency Box

Keep one box separated from the ones going in the moving truck or with a company like Redondo Van & Storage in case there is a problem with getting your items to your home in a timely manner. Keep essentials in this box for when you arrive in your new home. This can contain a change of clothing for each person, some paper plates and plastic utensils for eating, a garbage bag, some toiletry items and a first aid kit.