Termites In A Home: How Harmful They Are To Wood & The Cost Of An Exterminator

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Are you noticing a lot of damaged wood around your home? You may have a problem with termites that must be treated by a pest control specialist if you don't want to end up with major damage to your home. Find out how harmful termites can be to the wood in your home and how much it will cost to get them exterminated by a professional.

How Harmful are Termites to the Wood in a Home?

When you first get a termite infestation, you may not even notice that they are there if they are located in the cavities of the walls. The termites are highly harmful to the stability of your home when they consume the wood inside the walls. You can end up with a lot of damage that is too severe for a simple repair; you may end up needing new walls constructed.

The worst thing about termites is that they consume wood all day long. If you have wooden furniture and floors, you can suffer a great financial loss. The problem will never get under control without the help of a professional. It is important for not only the interior of your home to be treated for termites, but also the exterior. Termites can also reside in trees, which can keep them coming back to your home if you only get the interior exterminated.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Exterminator for Termites?

There are multiple different extermination methods for the removal of termites in a home. The cost for hiring an exterminator will usually depend on the size of your house. Each exterminator will also have his or her own set of fees for labor. You can expect to be charged based of the linear footage of your home if chemicals are being used to exterminate the termites.

The average price for your home to be sprayed with chemicals can range from $1,350 to $3,200. However, you may have to spend more money if you want the exterior of your home exterminated as well. Chemical extermination is well worth the price because the chemicals can penetrate the soil on the exterior to keep termites out of the house.

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