How To Buy A Gun Safe

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If you have a gun in the home, then a gun safe is not only a good idea, but may be a requirement in some states. There are many to choose from, and you might be confused as to which one to purchase. It is always better to make this purchase with the thought of buying more guns in mind. Think of it as a matter of only making the purchase once, instead of taking the risk of outgrowing your safe. This guide explains how to purchase a gun safe from providers, such as Fradon Lock Co Inc, to protect against theft and fire.

Look at the Locking Bolts

Large gun safes always have locking bolts that seal the door when you turn the handle. Ask the gun safe associate if you can remove the inner door panel to look at these bolts.

Look to see how solid the locking bolts are. They should be extremely difficult for thieves to bend. The bolts ride on carriers inside the door. If a burglar can get a crowbar into the carrier and bend the bolts, they can get to your guns in no time. Look for bent locking bolts on the interior because they are strong bolts that a thief cannot manipulate.

Look at the Door Thickness

Check the thickness gauge of the steel on the door. It should be a low number. Manufacturers create the doors out of drywall that's a least an inch thick and wrap it with steel sheets. The lower the steel gauge thickness number, the thicker the steel sheet.

Be careful not to fall into the line of thinking that a higher gauge is better. Look for a five-gauge instead of 10-gauge. If a robber can pry the door away from the body because of a thin door, they can get to your guns in no time.

Look at the Fire Protection Rating

Check the fire resistance rating of the safe. The best safes handle extreme heat for a long time. However, nothing can give you 100 percent protection from fire because it is a metal box. So if there is enough heat for a long enough period, it will melt. Look for a gun safe that's rated to last for at least an hour of persistent heat of around 1,200 degrees.

Take your time to find the right gun safe to protect your family and friends from accidents, and so that thieves cannot break in and take your guns. Ask your gun safe specialist for the best size to purchase and look it over carefully before buying. Obey all your state's gun laws and take safety classes before heading to the range or storing your guns in the safe.