Altus Family Crash Pads: An FAQ

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Altus crash pads are the perfect place to stay near Altus AFB with your family and loved ones. These answers to frequently asked questions will tell you more about the crash pads and the types of amenities that crash pads provide.

What will my family crash pad be supplied with?

Family crash pads tend to have fewer amenities than standard crash pads. In addition, each family crash pad is a little bit different. Supplies like dishes, televisions and starter packs of cleaning supplies are usually supplied.

What are some examples of things I should bring with me to my family crash pad?

Think of your time at your family crash pad as being like an extended vacation. Bring anything you would want on a really long vacation. Bring any of your high-end electronics and electronic entertainment equipment like laptops and video game systems. Bring your clothing, of course, and medications with prescription information.

What should I do to prepare for my time at the family crash pad?

Once you've signed a lease, you'll need to learn the rules for the family crash pad where you'll be staying. Family crash pads are individually owned and controlled, and each pad will have different rules to be followed.

May I bring my pet?

Some family crash pads will allow you to bring your pet, others will not. Find out ahead of time whether or not your pet can come with you to the family crash pad. If it turns out that your pet cannot come, you will need to seek out a different crash pad or find a place to board your pet for the time while you're gone.

Will there be wifi?

Many family crash pads provide free Internet, wifi and cable television services.

What's the difference between an Altus crash pad and an Altus family crash pad?

Altus crash pads generally provide more amenities and are available by the room. Family crash pads are individually controlled, consist of whole homes available for families, and often provide fewer amenities than standard crash pads.

What condition is the crash pad expected to be in when I check out?

Clean your crash pad and do your best to leave it in exactly the same condition it was in when you arrived. If you've used up the amenities that were present in the crash pad when you arrived (such as your cleaning products), expect to replace these items before you go.