8 Ways To Prepare For Open House

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During an open house, dozens of people can trek through your home. Unfortunately, this does not mean you will get offers on your home. To improve the chances that you receive an offer, here are eight ways you can prepare your home for an open house. 

  1. Stick with a white décor in bathrooms. If possible, all of the décor in the bathroom, including the shower curtains and towels, needs to be white. The white makes the room appear brighter and cleaner. 
  2. Remove your personal items. Even if you and your family are still living in the home, you need to remove personal items, such as photos. The items make it difficult for buyers to see themselves living there.
  3. Hire a landscaper. Before the potential buyers see the inside of your home, they will see the exterior. If your lawn is in poor condition and the exterior is in need of paint or repairs to the shutters, buyers could keep going.  
  4. Hang mirrors. Replacing family photos on the walls with artwork might seem like a good move, but it is not. Art is subjective and buyers could be turned off by what you have on display. By hanging mirrors instead, you can make your rooms seem larger.
  5. Keep the countertops clear. The countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms can help sell your home. If the countertops are cluttered, the actual space can appear to be limited. By removing everything, you give a more accurate representation of the available space. 
  6. Turn on the lights. Most buyers are not looking for small, cramped rooms. If the rooms in your home are small, you need to turn on the lights in each room. The lights help the room appear to be brighter and larger than they actually are. 
  7. Do not go overboard on staging. Staging can help sell a home, but going too far can make it appear to be cluttered. Rely on your realtor's advice to find the right balance when staging your home.
  8. Walk through with the realtor. If there are any other changes that need to be made that can spotlight your home for potential buyers, you realtor will spot them. Ideally, you should do the walkthrough at least a week before the open house so that you can properly prepare. 

The right preparations for open house can sell your home. Work with your realtor to ensure you are ready before the big day. If you'd like more information on how to sell your home, contact some realtors in your area for advice.