Pulling The Rug From Under The Biggest Myths About Using The Services Of A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

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You have everything in your house all buttoned-up and pretty, and you are fairly certain that you can manage to sell your home all by yourself without the aid of a real estate agent. While many homeowners do take the hands-on approach and successfully sell their home on their own, this feat is not one that is accomplished without a lot of work. If you think you don't need a real estate agent, you may want to get to know some of the biggest myths about using this professional service to sell your home first. Chances are, these myths are getting in the way of you seeing just why using the services of a real estate agent could be the better decision when selling your home. 

Myth: You will have less control over the asking price of your home if you use an agent.

Fact: The bottom line is, whatever you feel you should ask for your home is always going to be up to you as the seller. Therefore, the real estate agent will not be making this decision for you. What they will do, however, is offer a recommended asking price which is in line with the current market trends in your area. This advice is designed to help you draw as much attention to your home as possible. 

Myth: Working with an agent means you will have to show your home when they're ready, not you. 

Fact: Although the real estate agent will be in charge of scheduling home showings, you will always be consulted before they just show up at your door with a potential buyer. Your real estate agent will work with you to create an ideal showing schedule that reflects the most desirable time frames for you and will still likely give you a call to clear an appointment before making any concrete arrangements. 

Myth: Working with a real estate agent will require you to make changes and upgrades to the home before it is listed. 

Fact: Your real estate agent will likely give you some ideas about changes and upgrades you could make to enhance both the value and attractiveness of your home, but in the end, the choice of whether you carry out these recommendations is all up to you. It is always a good idea to take advantage of the real estate agent's professional experience and adhere to their advice, but this is no requirement.