Full Service Real Estate Agents: What They Are And Why You Should Want To Hire One

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When you think of real estate agents, you probably think of someone who lists and promotes your home for sale and then sells it for you. However, there may be other services for which you can hire a real estate agent. Full service real estate agents are in a category by themselves. Here is more information on this type of real estate agent and why you would want to hire one. 

The Agents Take All of the Photos

The full service agent takes all of the photos of your home, rather than hire a service to do the job. They then crop and edit the photos and use these images to sell your home. Since the photos are the things that grab buyers' attention, you will want to hire an agent that does a really good job and does it him/herself. It saves you money because you are not hiring a professional photographer to take the photos you have taken hundreds of times yourself, and it makes sure the agent has all of the photos needed to promote your home.

The Agents Take Care of the Signs and Marketing Materials

Even though that giant post sign in your front yard may be very distracting, it will get the attention of interested buyers. However, if it does not hold the attention of the buyers by providing them with lots of useful information, you can kiss the sale of your home goodbye. Full service agents know what info makes people want to investigate your home further, and that info includes websites where the house's photos can be viewed and information about the property. Flyers that buyers can pull from a plastic display under the sign are also managed and printed by your full service agent, in his or her office, so that you do not incur added expenses for a printing shop to create these. If you want a "talking" sign (one that plays a pre-recorded message about your home), that typically costs extra, but your agent manages that too.

The Agents Do All of the Negotiations, Contracts, and Sales

Besides sales, full service agents also manage all of the negotiations between you and the buyers and draw up the contracts with varying addenda and expectations between parties. Some even act as real estate lawyers and as their firm's own brokers. When you hire a full service real estate agent, all of your bases are covered.