Consider Wearing This Protective Gear Beneath Your Security Guard Uniform

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When you work as a security guard, you're frequently exposed to dangers of all sorts, and it's important to keep yourself as protected as possible. While your employer will provide you with a number of different pieces of safety gear, such as a bulletproof vest, and require the use of other essential gear, such as steel-toed shoes, there's no harm in further protecting yourself by adding a handful of other articles to your uniform. These items can protect you from all sorts of different threats, thus allowing you to do your job properly and keep members of the public secure. Here are some items to consider using.

Cut-Resistant Sleeves

While your ballistic vest will protect you from being shot and possibly also being stabbed in the torso, depending on the model, it's advantageous to think about the safety of your arms. If you wear a cut-resistant, long-sleeved undershirt, or simply a pair of cut-resistant sleeves, your arms will be protected from an assailant who attempts to slash or stab you with a knife. These special sleeves are made of a cut-resistant material but are thin, so they won't add bulk and will be able to easily fit under your uniform. They're ideal for protecting the vital veins and arteries that flow through your arms, especially your inner arms.

Knee Pads

A pair of bulky plastic knee pads won't likely fit comfortably under your uniform, but you might wish to don a pair of soft knee pads under your pants. Similar to those used by volleyball players, for example, these pads can protect your knees from impact. Whether you slip and fall while chasing a suspect through the mall or you're forced to tackle someone and fall awkwardly to the ground, these pads will lessen the force with which your knees hit the hard ground, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Like cut-resistant sleeves, this specialized type of glove will protect you from sustaining damage during hand-to-hand struggles with an assailant. This means that if someone is brandishing a knife, you can feel confident to engage the person and possibly even grab the knife from his or her hands without taking damage. Many security services have their guards wear durable leather gloves, so you can freely fit a thin pair of cut-resistant gloves beneath these, thus adding another layer of protection for your body while you do your job.

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