Maximizing Your Home's Selling Potential On A Small Budget

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While selling a home is something that can be profitable endeavor overall, the preparations that come along with getting a home on the market can be more than sellers realize. While you'll want to maximize your home's appeal, you might not have a lot of funds to get your home ready to sell.  Here are four ways to get your home on the market without breaking the bank.

1. Self-Stage Options

Your real estate agent might recommend going all out with a staging company, but if this isn't in your budget, you still might be able to self-stage your home. Whether you are living in your home while selling or not, it is important to decorate each room with the original purpose (bedrooms as bedrooms, etc), and declutter your space down to just the basics. You can do this with your own furnishings and decor, as long as you stick to depersonalized, classic pieces that won't draw unwanted attention.

2. DIY Preparations and Renovations

While you might wish you could overhaul your kitchen or bathroom before selling, you might also be amazed what a few DIY touches can do to the overall appearance of your home. Knobs, pulls, and light fixtures can easily be swapped out to modernize a home. A fresh coat of paint on all walls to a basic color scheme, and freshening up wooden doors and cabinets with a bright white paint can quickly transform your space.

3. Utilize Budget Marketing

Your real estate agent will be able to get your home up on MLS listings and show your home, but it can be hard to go the extra mile with marketing without the budget for this. Pictures are important, so make sure your home is clean, lights are on and, curtains are open to let in light if you are taking your own photos. Ask your agent about less expensive marketing tools such as their real estate website and social media outlets as well.

4. Up Curb Appeal in the Cheap

Even if the inside of your home is ready for showing, if the outside isn't looking its best, it might be hard to get people in the door. Laying down a layer of mulch over dead or dying grass can bring the appearance of your yard back to life. Paint your home's trim and fencing if this is fading. Low cost hanging plants and flowers can bring a touch of landscaping to your space even if you don't have a green thumb.

Work with your real estate agent to get your home ready to sell while keeping costs low. If your agent has a realistic idea of what you can afford when it comes to marketing, fixing up, and staging your home, they can work with you to fill in the gaps and ensure your home will impress potential buyers.