Confirm That Your Real Estate Agent Will Advertise Your Home Listing In These Ways

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When you're preparing to sell your home with the help of a real estate agent, it's advantageous to speak to a couple agents before you sign a seller agreement. When you speak to the agents about your eventual listing, you'll likely have many questions and concerns, but you should always devote time to asking how the agent would advertise your home. Getting your listing out to as many people as possible can help the home sell quickly, and some agents use advertising methods that others do not. Ideally, you want to partner with a real estate agent who will advertise your home in these methods.

On The Internet

It's a virtual certainty that, in today's market, your real estate agent will advertise your listing on the Internet. However, there are different ways of doing so that can be beneficial compared to just including it in the local real estate board's listings and on the agent's website. Some real estate agents will make your listing as a featured listing on their website; this will allow people to see it on the home page. Many agents will also use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to advertise their listings, as well as YouTube to advertise listings through slideshows and video tours.

Traditional Print Media

Many agents don't discount the value of traditional print media, so neither should you. Newspapers might not be as popular as they used to be, but their real estate sections are still widely read in many markets. Look for an agent who will place your home listing in the local daily and weekly newspapers, as well as any real estate publications that may be present in the community.

Mailing List

It's also ideal to hire a real estate agent who can tell you about his or her extensive mailing list. Don't be afraid to ask how many people are included on this list. Agents will distribute your listing electronically to the people on this list, which gives you the comfort in knowing that a specific number of people will get your listing. Many of the people on this list will be buying agents, which means that they will then share the listing with clients whose requirements are in alignment with the home you're selling.

Lawn Signs

It's standard to have your real estate agent place a "For Sale" sign on your lawn, but you should also see what other signs might be placed around the community. For example, if you're deep inside a subdivision with minimal traffic, you want an agent who will also put a sign indicating your listing on a main road at the entrance to the subdivision.