Settling Partner Disagreements When Choosing Real Estate

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While home buying is often a joyous time for couples, it can also be stressful if both people want very different things from their next home. But there are plenty of ways to handle the problem constructively and make sure both people are happy with their new home.

Have the Discussions Before the Open House

It also helps to settle on a list of qualities that you are looking for in a home before starting to visit open houses. Your list should include the list of neighborhoods that are acceptable to both people, the must-have amenities of the home, and the style of the home. Compromises are key to putting this list down on paper. Once you have a list that includes both people's needs, stick with it; this list will help you find something that's appealing in certain aspects to both people. But each person must agree that they won't try to pressure the other person to choose a home that doesn't line up with the list.

Talk with a Real Estate Agent

You may not have to make as many concessions as you believe. Speak with a real estate agent so that they can assist you in finding a property that matches both people's needs. You might find a "needle in the haystack" property that matches a contrasting list of attributes, and it never hurts to have additional eyes on the market.

Consider Compromises that Can Be Made Within the Same Home

Another possibility is to think about how your home can take on different personalities to be a positive purchase for both people. For example, if one person likes the home super modern and the other wants to live in an old craftsman home, it's possible to do both. It could be craftsman on the outside and modern on the inside. Or you could let each person decorate and restyle different parts of the home. Consulting an interior designer is a good idea if you hope to mesh two very different styles. Of course, this is something to consider upfront and mentally add to the cost of any home that you look at; renovations can be expensive.

Finding a home to match two different personalities is sometimes a challenge, and it may mean that you spend more time on the buying market or spend a little more money to make sure that both people are comfortable. But there are plenty of resources that you can consult to make the process easier.