4 Keys To Having A Great Open House

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An open house can help you get out the word that your home is for sale. It is a great way to find buyers who are really interested in your home. However, a great open house doesn't just happen on its own; you need to do a few things, to ensure your open house is successful.

Put Up Signs

Signs out front of your home will help ensure that people who heard about the open house are able to find it. Outside signs will also attract people who didn't hear about the open house, but just saw the signs.

Put open house signs in your yard with balloons, to help attract attention. See if you can put signs on the properties near the major intersections near your home, to direct people to your open house. Just remember to remove the signs after the open house is over.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

You need to use social media to spread the word about your business. Both you and your real estate agent should share information on major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Your real estate agent should send out an email to their email list letting everyone know about the open house. Ask your friends to re-share the information if they live in your area on their social media accounts. If there are any neighborhood Facebook groups or email lists, share information about your open house there as well. You can even list it on a website that lists homes and townhouses for sale. Share information in as many places and with as many people as possible, to ensure a good turn out.

Have a Brochure of Information Ready

You and your real estate agent may not be able to engage in a personal conversation with everyone who walks through the door, which is why a custom brochure or flyer with information as well as pictures of your home should be prepared. Hand one to everyone who comes into the home. That way, even after they leave the open house, they have a reminder of your home and know who to contact if they are interested in the home. A flyer can help make your home stand out from others.

Get Rid of Your Pets

Not everyone likes dogs or cats, so you should remove your pets from your home, if possible. If you can't remove your pets, put them somewhere that will generate low traffic. You don't want a barking dog to be what turns a potential buyer away from your home.

When it comes to an open house, you need to make sure that you get the word out. Open houses are only effective if people actually show up and view your home. During your open house, put your pets away or take them away from your home so people can freely view your home.