Tips For Purchasing A Vacation Home In Lake Tahoe

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If you are considering purchasing a vacation home in Lake Tahoe, there is a lot you need to know about the area. Purchasing a second home is a big investment you and want to be sure to do your research beforehand. Here are some tips to consider while shopping for your vacation home:

Choose the Right Location

If you have your heart set on Lake Tahoe, you still have to narrow down your location options. Are you familiar with North Shore, West Shore, and South Shore? All three are very different destinations, despite being on the same lake. The sand, rocks, and scenery are very different at each location. Find people who own homes there to chat with; they can give you some insight into how they have liked their purchase. Take notice of the nearby amenities and make a list of what things are important to you. How close do you need to be to a local grocery store? How far is the closest gas station? Convenience can go a long way for your overall happiness and property values.


You want to know what you can afford before you start the hunt for your vacation home. Meeting with mortgage lenders is a smart move so you know what your price range is for your real estate search. Owning a home in Lake Tahoe can be expensive because of the property taxes, so make sure you ask questions and know what you're getting yourself into.  

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Home buying can be a crazy process and you want to be sure to have a good Realtor there to help you through it. In an area like Lake Tahoe, it can be crucial to find someone who is very familiar with the local market. You want to hire someone who knows the area well. They can share their knowledge with you of the local recreational activists and some of the lesser-known things about the area. There are agents that specialize in luxury real estate. You may want to look into that.

Buying a vacation home is an exciting process. You want to find a home that you can enjoy for years to come and enjoy those crystal blue waters. Taking the time to do your research and hire the right help can make this process easier for everyone involved. Use these tips to help you make your next real estate investment and find the home of your dreams. Get started with a company like New Spirit Vacation Homes.