Auto Lock Tips To Keep In Mind

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The keys to your car are one of those things that most people tend to carry on themselves all day, every day. You can get so used to just stuffing the keys into your pocket or purse though that you might also take them for granted. At least, that is, right up until the moment you make a mistake and lock yourself out of your own vehicle. If you want to ensure that something like this never happens to you, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep a Spare in Your Home

Everyone has had that moment when they know their keys are inside the house. They just don't know which room they randomly tossed them into when they came home from the bar last night. Then, they need to get to work the next morning and are frantically searching through their house. They have to be there somewhere, right? If this happens to you sometimes, create a spare key or two and keep it on a dedicated key ring in your house. You'll be able to quickly get into your vehicle and get to work on time. You can finish turning over couch cushions to find your original set when you get home.

Keep a Spare on Your Car

Another way to almost guarantee that you should always be able to get into your vehicle is to keep one on the car itself. Buy a car key magnet that can easily attach to the underside of your vehicle. If you are ever accidentally locked out, all you have to do is bend down and immediately grab the magnet containing your spare key. Most of these magnets can be hidden well under the front side of the car, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to figure out that there is a key there.

Keep the Number of a Local Locksmith Handy

If you're reading this article before you've had a chance to have any spare keys made, chances are you are looking for help getting into your car. While professional locksmiths often focus on residential or commercial locks, many are willing to assist with auto lockouts as well. You might even need a pro locksmith if you are going to have another key fob made with the right code for a push to start vehicle, as the generic locksmith at your local retail store might not be able to handle this. Contact a local locksmith at a business like The Lock Shop today for all of your auto lock needs.