4 Signs Of A Luxury Home

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Are you in the market for a new upscale home? If so, you may want to consider a luxury single-family home that has all the extra amenities that really make a house a home. Here are four things to look for when viewing properties in your price range.

1. Luxury Homes Have Desirable Locations

You're not likely to find an upscale home in a neighborhood that has seen better days. Luxury homes are more likely to be situated in exclusive gated communities or built around water features, such as a lake or riverfront property. New subdivisions may also have homes with luxury appointments. 

2. Luxury Homes Have High-End Finishes

When touring an open house, be sure to check out the finishes used. Are the kitchen cabinets made from solid wood, or are they laminated pressboard? Do the kitchen cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling, giving a built-in look to the room? Are the countertops Formica or Italian marble? 

Look closely at the flooring as well. Manufacturers can create amazing lookalike surfaces, but a luxury home will have the real thing. Laminate flooring won't last nearly as long as solid hardwood flooring, which can eventually be refinished. Manufactured flooring may look good, but it may sound different when walked across and will not absorb sound as well.

3. Luxury Homes Have Plenty of Space

Small homes with two bedrooms aren't likely to be described as luxurious in real estate listings. This is because these homes are typically basic starter homes with the bare minimum footprint to be affordable to first-time buyers. 

Luxury homes tend to be quite large. This allows for the features most luxury homebuyers want. For example, a master bedroom in a luxury home will have an attached private bathroom and a walk-in closet that may be the size of a bedroom in a small starter house. 

While the individual rooms in a luxury home are larger, there are generally more rooms as well. For example, the kitchen may have a separate butler's pantry as well as a keeping room, a small adjacent space to relax while overseeing cooking. 

4. Luxury Homes Have Unique Features

Swimming pools are common enough, but a luxury home may have an entire recreational play area on the grounds, such as a tennis or basketball court, separate gym area, or indoor putting green. Some luxury homes may even have its only bowling alley or movie theater in the basement. 

To learn more about luxury single-family homes in your area, talk to a real estate agent today.