4 Tips For Finding Affordable Housing

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If you have a job that is only paying you around minimum wage, you will not have a lot of money to spend on housing. You are going to need to find some low-income housing that you can afford on your budget.

1. Expand Your Search Area

One way to find affordable housing is to expand your search area. The neighborhood or city you are looking in maybe a little too expensive for your budget, especially if you live in a larger city. There are almost always neighborhoods or nearby cities that have more affordable housing. By going a little out of the way, you may be able to find a home that you can afford. You may even be able to get more space for less money if you are willing to expand your search area.

2. Network

Second, it is important to network. Ask family and friends if they know of any affordable housing opportunities. A friend may know of an apartment complex that offers affordable or income-based housing units. Alternatively, maybe a family member knows of a landlord who is looking for a tenant and is willing to work with you on the pricing. Oftentimes, the best way to find a new place is to ask around. Not all listings are listed through a formal channel, which is why networking is so important when looking for affordable housing.

3. Apply for Section 8

Third, you are going to want to apply for Section 8 housing. The Section 8 housing program, also known as the housing choice voucher program, is a federally funded program that is run by state authorities. It is designed to provide individuals who meet certain income limits with assistance paying their rent or mortgage. It will help fill the gap between your income and the money you need to rent a decent place. 

4. Find a Roommate

Fourth, one of the best ways to get into an affordable housing unit is to live together with someone else. Find a roommate that you trust to live with. With a roommate, you can combine two different incomes, giving you more purchasing power while at the same time keeping your costs reasonable. Working together with a roommate or two can help you find a housing unit you can afford in an area where you want to live.

When it comes to finding affordable, low-income housing, try to expand your search area, network, find some reliable roommates, and apply for Section 8 housing vouchers. Combined, these four steps should help you find some affordable housing that you like. Contact a company that can provide more information about low-income housing.