Work With A Realtor To Find An Accessible Home

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Whether you're getting older or have a disability that limits movement, there are a lot of different factors that can go into finding the perfect home. As you begin to compare open houses and search for a listing that suits your personal needs, working with a Realtor can be essential.

Instead of going about your search alone, the right Realtor can help match you with homes that are accessible and will continue to serve your needs over the years.

Stick with Single-Level Homes

One of the most significant challenges that can come with having accessibility concerns is stairs. Multiple-story homes can look beautiful, but the stairs can quickly become an issue when you cannot climb up and down the stairs comfortably.

Sharing the desire to find a single-level home with the Realtor can quickly reduce the list of homes available. Single-level homes don't need to mean sacrificing square footage. A suitable layout can keep the house feeling open and easy to move around in.

Include Safety Features

Along with choosing a house with plenty of room inside without being multiple stories high, you can select safety features that make the home accessible. Bars in the shower, a step-in bathtub, and kitchen countertops at a suitable height can all make the home accessible without the risks some homes can have. 

The walkway to the front door should be at a slight incline, and you should avoid homes with swimming pools. Considering your safety concerns and discussing them with a Realtor can ensure that you find homes that feel safe. While you may need to add some safety features after moving in, the insight of a Realtor can help you discover homes that can be a better match for you.   

Avoid Excessive Maintenance

Maintenance in the form of repairs and landscaping work can make some homes far too much work. If you're limited in mobility and want a home that feels accessible, you need to see what features make sense for you. Skipping a grass lawn and checking how recent some of the work was done in the home can give you a clear idea of how soon you can anticipate maintenance and repairs.

As you prepare to purchase a home, you'll need to understand the limitations your accessibility can include. Finding a Realtor that will work with you to limit some homes can limit wasted time and increase the odds of finding a home that will be the ideal fit for your needs. Reach out to a local Realtor to get started.