The Key Benefits Of Living In An Active Adult Community

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Over the past few years, active adult communities have become more popular. These are communities designed for older adults who are retired or approaching retirement. They are not nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Rather, they are intended for adults who are still able and interested in living independently. So, what are the key benefits of living in an active adult community over living in a single-family home or a more standard apartment? Take a look.

1. You don't have to maintain the exterior.

Most active adult communities take care of all the exteriors of the dwellings. They do the landscaping, they mow the lawns, and they paint or side the buildings as needed. In some communities, even certain interior maintenance is provided. For instance, the rental company might repair or replace broken appliances, do any interior painting you need, or make any major repairs like replacing flooring. If you were to continue living in a single-family home outside of an active living community, you'd be responsible for all of this maintenance yourself.

2. You'll be around others your age.

When you're older, you'll tend to have a harder time meeting people and making new friends. You may not be going to work anymore, and you're not generally meeting people through your kids. When you live in an active adult community, you'll be surrounded by people who are similar in age and who are likely to also share your interests. This makes it easier to make new friends and stay social as you grow older.

3. The home will be built to suit your needs as an older adult.

As you grow older and become less physically able, you may have trouble going upstairs. You may need grab bars in the shower and other simple modifications to make your home more usable. In active adult communities, the homes are generally built with these needs in mind. The apartment rental companies tend to also be willing to add grab bars and make other changes to your home as needed. This means you won't have to spend your time calling builders, making updates, or shopping for a new home that you can live in more safely.

Living in an active adult community is a great option for many older adults. In these communities, you get to live in a home built to suit people your age, surrounded by others your age.