Here's How Buying A Mobile Home Differs From Buying Other Homes

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If you're trying to buy a home, you may have found that mobile homes appear to be the best option. In fact, many families find that mobile homes have a lot to offer.

Of course, the process of buying a mobile home is quite similar to buying any other home, but there are some additional things you should know before you shop.

Mobile Homes May Have Limited Financing Options 

If you're looking to purchase a mobile home, you may find that there are limited financing options. This is because traditional mortgages don't usually cover mobile homes, and not all lenders will finance them either.

That said, there are products out there designed specifically for the purpose of purchasing mobile homes. For instance, you may be able to get a chattel loan.

Mobile Homes Require Different Insurance Policies

Another key difference when it comes to buying a mobile home is insurance. You'll need to talk with your insurance company about getting an appropriate policy for your mobile home since it won't qualify for a standard homeowner's policy.

You may need to get a separate policy for the structure of the mobile home, as well as coverage for the personal property inside it. It's important to make sure you have adequate protection in case of an accident or disaster.

Mobile Homes Need a Place To Go

When you buy a mobile home, you'll also need to find a place for it to be set up. Many people choose to park their mobile homes in a designated space at a mobile home community. Most people pay monthly rent for this space.

If this isn't an option, you may have to look into whether the local zoning laws will allow you to put your mobile home on a piece of property you already own or one you plan to purchase in the future.

Mobile Homes May Have Different Tax Laws

Finally, you should be aware that mobile homes may have different tax laws than other types of homes. For instance, your mobile home could be considered personal property, not real property. This might impact your financial situation, so you should make sure you understand the tax implications of buying a mobile home before you make your purchase.

Contact a Real Estate Professional

If you're looking to buy a mobile home, it's important to have someone who can provide you with more information about buying a mobile home.

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